Mrs. Saradha

produzenten--1Saradha woman is 48 years old and for 25 years worked on the plantation. She removes weeds in the nursery of the rubber trees. Because her husband Sardar Shiva is sick it must provide for the entire family and earn the money. Her 21-year-old daughter Sandhia is married and her 19-year-old son Samil Kumar studied electronics. They live in a very simple stone hut, which consists of three small rooms. The water may bring the family for a less poor neighboring family.

In January 2009, Ms. Saradha diseased covered the insurance only part of the 7,000 rupees high total costs, it still lacked 3,000 rupees to pay for treatment. Here the Fairtrade Fund stepped in and paid the remaining cost of 3,000 rupees, which Ms. Saradha could be completely healed now.

On the New Ambadi plantation in South India are currently working 180 persons. The Fairtrade premium they receive natural rubber per kilogram, they can permanently improve their living conditions. The workers and the management will decide together how the premium is used.