Mr. Dadmanabhan is 58 years old and for 38 years worked as rubber tappers. He has a 28 year old daughter and two sons aged 25 and 23 years. The younger son Mahesh was trained as a driver and has a driver’s license. Mahesh is still looking for work; previously he was employed on the plantation only as temporary workers, to represent the people who were sick or on leave. Last year, Mahesh had an accident with a motorcycle and has broken his hip. The operation was complicated, very expensive and was paid by the health insurance only in part. The Fair Trade Fund has taken a part of his treatment costs.

On the New Ambadi plantation in South India 180 people work. With the additional price for each kilo of rubber the lives of latex farmers be improved. The latex Farmer and the management of the plantation decide jointly on the use of this additional cost, which is paid for the latex. (Joint Committee).