New Ambadi Plantation

New Ambadi Plantation
The New Ambadi plantation is located in Tamil Nadu, South India.

On the plantation social responsibility and human cooperation is highly valued. With the additional price for each kilo of latex the lives of latex farmers are constantly being improved. The latex farmer and the management of the plantation determine jointly,the use of the fair rubber premium.
To date fair rubber has secured a portion of the medical care of latex farmers, paid the costs for schools and education of their children and contributed into the pension schemes of the workers. read more.


Mr. Babu
Mr. K. Babu is 59 years old and is in August-deserved retirement. He will thus be one of the first pensioner …>>more
Mr. Dadmanabhan
Mr. Dadmanabhan is 58 years old and for 38 years worked as rubber tappers. He has a 28 year old daughter …>>more
Mrs. Saradha
Mrs. Saradha is 48 years old and for 25 years worked on the plantation. She removes weeds …>>more