Fair Trade Latex

Fair Latex

Did you know which products are made from latex, and what would happen if we did not have these products?

  • * bathing caps (OK, it could do without)
  • * Hot water bottles (As we usually get the abdominal pain go away?)
  • * Balloons (Well, yes – Parties can be decorated with paper garlands)
  • * Tire (now it is difficult)
  • * catheter in the hospital (Hmmmmm)
  • * Thigh Highs (That would be a real shame)
  • * mattresses (straw can also be comfortably)
  • * Football (Anders does not go)
  • * O-rings (No, cold and wet, it should not be)
  • * And of course condoms (with a plastic bag you do not want but also prevent, or?)

The natural rubber latex used for the FAIR SQUARED condoms comes from the New Ambadi plantation in Tamil Nadu, South India. There, in a sustainable fashion fair trade rubber is produced in an environmentally friendly manner. The biological diversity is promoted, the natural vegetation thrives and animals that were long gone are returned. The Plantation offers not only its own employees courses on dealing with the environment, but also participates and shares the experience gained with the entire villagers. Respect and attention not only in dealing with the environment is ultimately a shared responsibility.