Fair Rubber e.V.

Fair Rubber e.V.
Fair Rubber Association was founded in 2012 as a cooperation platform between companies that offer products from fair trade natural rubber, on the one hand and representatives of civil society that support the expansion of Fair Trade, on the other side. Fair Rubber e. V., the first supply chain of Fair Trade Latex constructed, which also by the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified. This new innovative products under the Ethletic (sneakers) and Green Tips (gardening gloves) have been developed, as well as sports balls, sneakers, flip flops, balloons, gloves and rubber rings. And now condoms !!

The main instrument of Fair Fair Rubber Rubber is the logo for products that meet the criteria of Fair Trade with natural rubber.
Fair Rubber particular monitors the financial condition of the Fairtrade premium, the decisions about their use and the implementation of agreed projects. Fair Rubber also helps in FSC certification of producer partners.

For FAIR SQUARED Fair Rubber is our contact with the plantation. You control the working conditions, organize the payment of the Fairtrade premium and take care of the logistics for the delivery of our high quality latex.

‘We are very pleased that we were able to add an ideal dimension to the FAIR SQUARED condoms, “says Dr. Kunz. ‘By purchasing FAIR SQUARED condoms consumers make higher wages and better living conditions for rubber tappers in South India possible.’

The distribution of condoms in Germany FAIR SQUARED by:

Fair Squared GmbH
Hermann-Heinrich-Gossen-Straße 4
D-50858 Cologne

Telefon +49 (0) 2234 – 9296600
eMail info@fairsquared.info