Frequently asked questions

Throw condoms into the trash? Eco etiquette

Yes and no. A condom is a natural product and decomposes under the influence of light and oxygen. That is why you can dispose them on the compost. But you should not throw condoms into the toilette, because they plug the sewage.

How safe are condoms?

Condoms are the only contraceptives that protect against HIV infections and other sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). They are almost as safe as birth control pills. Since they are easy to use you can make almost no mistakes.

What mistakes can I make while using a condom?

Condoms are 5 times thinner than the human skin. That is why they can be damaged by sharp things. That means you should not open the packet with a scissor or roll it down the penis with pointy fingernails. Most mistakes happen when you place the condom on the tip of the erect penis the wrong way so that it will not unroll. In this case you should throw it away, because pre-cum that could also lead to a pregnancy might stick on the condom. It is better to use a new condom. Last but not least: do not use oil-based substances in combination with condoms – read more under ‘can condoms break?’

Do condoms fit me/him?

Condoms adapt to the size of the penis more or less on their own, because they are made of elastic latex. But since a big sock fits on a small foot- you should try different brands to find the perfect size for you /him.

Can condoms break?

Yes, if you use them with oil-based substances. Make an experiment and rub a condom with butter and fill it with water afterwards. After 30 seconds you can use your condom as a watering can. So what do we learn? Never use a condom with oil-based substances (which include body lotion etc.)!

Can I use condoms for oral sex?

‘Don’t want cum in your mouth and be hoarse, so use a condom for oral intercourse!’ This was the slogan of the condom manufacturer Condomi many years ago. It is important to say, that lipstick and lip-gloss are also oil-based and therefore may harm the extra thin latex membrane. Besides that, rolling down a condom with lips (but not with teeth!) can be very sexy.

How do I stash my condoms?

Condoms should be kept in a cool and dry place where they are protected from direct solar radiation. You can also keep them in your refrigerator. If you stash latex condoms in a place with more than 27 degrees for a longer time, they will age faster and will get dry and porous. In this case it is better to invest in new condoms.

Can I use condoms in combination with lubricants?

Lubricants are used when sex is painful. To make it work you should use special lubricants for condoms. They are water or silicone based and never oil based. Please read the product information carefully.

Can I use two condoms at a time?

That is not necessary. For high quality requirements or non-vaginal use there are condoms which are extra thick.

Can you keep condoms in a wallet or trouser pocket?

No, condoms should be protected from heat (e.g. radiators, sun, and glove compartment in the summer) and pressure (e.g. wallet or trouser pocket).